A family-oriented company, Badger Distribution found its niche in the warehousing industry in 1989 when it began providing storage and distribution services to the food industry. By achieving and maintaining exceptional levels of food-handling, food-safety, and security standards, Badger Distribution quickly established itself as an industry leader.

  Today, Badger Distribution is proud to be an "extension" of operations for several of the food industry's most prominent suppliers and manufacturers. Badger Distribution has enhanced its operations with high standards of Quality Assurance and a dedicated staff of employees who appreciate the urgency of maintaining the integrity of the inventories in our care.

  Our efforts of timeliness, accuracy, and reliability are necessities, not luxuries of service. You will notice a level of overall service which is "head and shoulders" above our competition. Badger Distribution surrounds itself with a network of reliable, modern and cost-efficient freight carriers, in addition to operating our own semi equipment. Each of these "partners" to Badger Distribution will help insure that your warehousing and material handling experience is worry free.

  Over the course of our history, Badger Distribution has been inspected annually by the American institute of Baking (AIB) and has consistently maintained a SUPERIOR rating with scores in the high 900s, with two consecutive years of scoring 990 out of 1000.

  Badger proudly showcases two modern, newly built storage facilities offering our customers practically every known amenity.

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